Cuban Tres pear shape
Cuban Tres sharp cutaway
34 scale Mini Hollow Fretless Bass
9 string Puerto Rican Tres
8 string antique cuatro
Cuban Tres rounded cutaway
34 scale Semi Hollow Fretted Bass
34 scale Semi Hollow Fretless Bass
34 scale Mini Hollow Fretted Bass
6 String Chambered Electric Guitar

" Soulful Latin Music for all to enjoy "

                         " It was love for the Cuban tres and Culture which inspired me to learn the art of hand-building                                                                                   treses, guitars and basses." Each instrument is unique in tone and appearance.                                            
                                                    Please contact me if you are interested at                

                                                               or call me at 845-778-0185.    "Que Viva La Cultura" 
                                                                                 Antonio Velez  Tresero

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